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IC Intérpretes de Conferencia offers you a remote solution for the interpretation of your event and recommends the platform and the hub.

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Who we are

A company of highly professional interpreters more than 10 years’ experience in translation and interpreting, international relations, conference organisation and consultancy in Spain and abroad. We organise simultaneous or consecutive interpretation for your event, as well as any translations that may be required. o this end, we have a database of native interpreters and translators who are specialised in various areas and who are able to adapt to the client’s needs. IC is a member of the Sitges Convention Bureau, the German Chamber of Commerce and the Austrian Business Club.

What we offer

  • We have equipment suitable for your event.
  • We can advise you on the organisation of all interpreting matters for your congresses, conferences, meetings, videoconferences and other events.
  • We provide technical equipment for simultaneous interpretation (interpretation booths, mobile units, etc.).
  • We offer a document translation service.

What sets us apart

We take absolute care of every detail to ensure our customers enjoy the highest quality, flexibility and responsiveness. We adapt to speakers from around the world thanks to our experience in 40 specific areas and our knowledge of cultural diversity.


Thanks to our team of professional native translators, each with their own area of expertise, we take care of your texts and translate them into all languages.

Documentation for congresses and eventss | Traducciones juradas | Scientific articles | Books | Technical manuals | Instruction manuals | Advertising |Leaflets | Operas | Legal documents | Contracts | Reports | Correspondence | Training material | Catalogues | Websites | Literary publications

Are you planning to organise an event involving communication in two or more languages? We can provide a tailor-made solution

Congresses | Symposia | Conferences | Seminars | Workshops | Business meetings | Works Councils |Board meetings | Shareholders’ meetings | Contract negotiations | Business trips | Factory visits | Training courses | Trade fairs | Exhibitions | Market studies | Radio and television interviews or programmes |Press conferences | Court cases | Videoconferences | Remote conferences

We guarantee your communication whilst advising you on the kind of interpretation that best suits your event.

Simultaneous Interpretation

This is the optimum solution when it comes to the time factor. The interpreter sits in a booth and interprets simultaneously the speaker’s words into another language. This type of interpreting requires a technical set up with interpretation booths, receivers and headsets and the interpreter has to work with at least another colleague.

Consecutive interpretation

With this solution no technical set up is required. The interpreter takes notes whilst the speaker gives the speech and then renders what has been said in the target audience’s language at intervals or at the end. This is advised for press conferences, speeches, business meetings, seminars, workshops and training courses.


This is the ideal solution for events where one or two people at the most require interpretation. The interpreter whispers the translation simultaneously into the ear of the client.

Liaison interpreting

A suitable solution for a person or small group that requires an accompanying interpreter who can translate for them when and where necessary. For example, at trade fairs, guided tours, etc.

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI)

Remote Simultaneous Interpreting (RSI) makes it possible for an event to be hosted online

How does it work ?

Conferences are held on a web-based solution and an interpreting platform.

Interpreters work off-site.

Attendees can follow the meeting from anywhere in the world in a language of their choice on their computer or smart device.

Conferences are held on a web-based solution and an interpreting platform.

Interpreting Platform

Interpreting platforms consist of web interfaces and mobile applications to enable distance interpretation.

Participants (speakers and listeners/viewers) can listen to the interpretation through their laptop or smart device.

Interpreters are located either together in a hub or work from home anywhere in the world.

Seamless communication with software-based systems.

Interpreters work off-site.

Our Hub

Un hub es un espacio equipado con cabinas insonorizadas desde el que trabajan las/los intérpretes.

Interpreters are all located in the same place and all communication is constantly monitored by a seasoned technician.

Work is conducted in ISO compliant booths with sound isolation to ensure the best sound quality.

Attendees can follow the meeting from anywhere in the world in a language of their choice on their computer or smart device.

Our solution for your event

You can choose the desired web-based solution i.e. WebEx, Zoom, Go to Webinar, On24, Click Meeting, etc. to hold its conference.

The presentations take place in the virtual meeting room.

IC Intérpretes de Conferencia provides a remote solution for the interpretation of the event and recommends the platform and HUB that best suits your needs.

Technical and Audiovisual Equipment

We have consulting for platforms and HUBS and we put at your disposal all the technical equipment you may need for your event

Soundproof booths, PA systems, Headsets and receivers, Computer equipment, Projectors and Screens, Mobile units for simultaneous translation…

Over 75 customers

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AEL – European Association of Conservatories |ISSA – International Social Security Association |CAHA – Spanish-German Astronomy Centre|CCBE – Council of Bars and Law Societies of Europe |CEJA – European Council of Young Farmers |CES -European Trade Union Confederation | Council of European Municipalities and Regions | DaimlerChrysler | El País | EUROCADRES| FES – Friedrich Ebert Foundation| Generalitat of Catalonia | Genzyme| Grünenthal | Pompeu Fabra University | IBA – Emscher Park International Building Exhibition | ICSW – International Council on Social Welfare | IG-Metall | German Archaeological Institute | INTER NATIONES | La Vanguardia | Ministries of Spain and Germany | MMTC – World Movement of Christian Workers | Pfizer | Proske Group | SEPES – Spanish Society of Prosthodontics | ThyssenKrupp |Menéndez Pelayo International University | WBU – World Blind Union

…in over 50 cities

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IC Healthcare

Medical interpretation requires a highly specific set of skills. Thanks to our extensive experience in this industry, we have specialist interpreters who can ensure your communication is a success.


Idoya Cols

Degree in Translation and Interpreting from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, 2004. European Masters in Conference Interpreting (EMCI) from the University of La Laguna, Tenerife, 2006 (first half at the University of Westminster).

Freelance interpreter, visiting lecturer at the University of Westminster in London and project manager in IC-Intérpretes de Conferencia.

Languages: Spanish, Catalan, English and French.

Phone: (+44) 7790 414 538

Marianne Prischl

Holder of a degree in Translating and Interpreting from the University of Vienna, Centre of Translation Studies, 1992. Member of the Austrian Association of Translators and Interpreters, Universitas.

Freelance interpreter and Managing Director of IC-Intérpretes de Conferencia.

Languages: German, Spanish and English.

Phone: (+34) 607 43 27 98 – (+43) 699 17 02 49 17


Where we are

Central Office. Barcelona, Spain. (+34) 607 43 27 98 | (+34) 607 52 76 78

Oficina de Londres, Reino Unido. (+44) (0) 7790 414538

Oficina de Viena, Austria. (+43) (0) 699 17024917

Skype: mprischl Facebook: Visitar

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